April 14, 2019 – K3 Volunteers at Liberty Hall Livestock Rescue


K3 employees and interns spent the day volunteering at Liberty Hall Livestock Rescue farm.  Employees worked as farm hands: fixing fences, feeding and caring for animals, mucking stables and general clean-up.

About Liberty Hall Livestock Rescue
Liberty Hall Livestock Rescue’s mission is to ensure farm animals are living a peaceable existence.  Our animals come to us with a variety of stories.  Some are here because their owners loved them but could not sustain them at the life they deserved.  Some are here because they were abandoned and, because of Lib erty Hall’s relationship with animal control organizations in Virginia, they were rehomed here.  Some were born here. Some found their own ways. Regardless of where they are from or how they got here, they now live a life of peace.  We assure the highest quality of life for each of the over 200 animals on the Liberty Hall farm.  All gifts are tax deductible. Liberty Hall Livestock Rescue is a federally registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.