Mission & Values

K3’s purpose is to provide superior, reliable IT solutions to the Federal Government and local government contractors. Our objective is to operate efficiently and inexpensively, without accumulating debt. This allows us to grow the company into a stable and profitable entity that the owners and managers can easily and comfortably manage. 

K3’s Mission

To be a trusted partner to our clients by delivering innovative, technical solutions to our customers that add value and help them meet their business goals.

K3’s Vision

To foster innovation and deliver services that add value to our customers and employees alike; and strive to create an environment of collaboration within our organization, with our clients, and with our teaming partners.

K3’s Values

Delivering Results
Collaboration is key to K3’s success, and we believe that establishing a true partnership with our clients will allow us to improve their performance by delivering innovative solutions that help them achieve their business goals.

Fostering Growth
Our strengths are in our diverse experiences, education, and work ethic. Our goal is to foster growth by tackling challenging opportunities and being flexible in our approach.

Partnering Alliances
K3 strives to provide best-in-class, innovative solutions by keeping on top of emerging technologies and industry best practices through our key partnerships and alliances. We work closely with other companies to help deliver specific solutions that ultimately result in improved delivery to our customers.