April 23, 2020 – K3 partners with Page One

K3 Kares partners with Page One

With the current need for social distancing, areas of the nation where tourism is a significant part of the local economy are struggling. K3 Kares has decided to partner with Page One to provide assistance to ease the burden of those that are facing difficulty during this time.

Page One is a food bank in Luray that serves Page County, VA. Their mission is to provide assistance to those in the community who find themselves unable to feed their family or meet their financial needs due to unemployment, sickness, or other unforeseen circumstances. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Page One has seen a threefold increase in the number of people needing assistance.  With local unemployment hitting a record high in Page County, the pantry at Page One was bare.  K3 stepped into action by donating $500 and offering to double employee giving.  In total, $1,250 was given to help those who needed food for their families.

K3 Kares will be helping to restock the pantry of Page One so that they can keep assisting the locals of the Luray area who may have lost their jobs due to the decrease in tourism. K3 Kares is pleased to announce that they will be doubling the donations made by their employees to Page One.

If you find yourself to be fortunate enough during this period, please consider donating to help out this worthy cause. To donate, visit the Page One website here: https://www.vapageone.org/donate.