November 12-16, 2019 – International Test and Evaluation Education Symposium

As global and regional threats are developing larger, more capable military forces. These adversary forces are armed with increasingly sophisticated weapon systems developed through incorporation of new technologies and new tactics. Some global threats have developed military capabilities that, in some areas, are on a trajectory to outpace those of the United States and allies. These more advanced threat systems are continuing to be improved in range, speed, lethality, stealth, and precision. As the United States and allies improve warfighting systems and capabilities to meet these global challenges, the test and evaluation (T&E) workforce and resources must be ready to more rapidly evaluate a systems suitability and effectiveness in representative complex environments. In some cases, increased use of simulation for testing will be crucial to complete early prototyping, analyze complex shortcomings, and maintain test security. The growing threat, new types of more sophisticated and flexible weapons, and advanced defensive systems will further complicate these tasks and will also challenge the T&E workforce.

Hosted by the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA), this International Education Symposium explores ideas related to “T&E Challenges for Global Threats”. K3 will be in attendance to provide thought leadership and support to our DHS clients serving as keynote speakers and panelists. For more information, visit the event web site, the 36th Annual ITEA Symposium.