October 25-27, 2015 – ACT-IAC Executive Leadership Conference

The Executive Leadership Conference (ELC) is considered by many to be the premier conference in the government IT community and brings together the leaders of the government IT community. Senior industry executives and government officials meet at ELC to exchange information, support professional development, improve communications and build partnerships to enhance the government’s ability to serve the nation’s citizenry. ELC attendance is limited to 850 executives with a government to industry ratio of 1:3.

The theme for this year is “Government 2020 – Imagine the Possibilities.” This year’s government and industry chairs are Steve Cooper and Tony Bardo. With the advances in technology, Government and Industry are changing the way in which they interact. ELC 2015 will focus on the transformations that are taking place that were not even imaginable three years ago. We will hear from nationally prominent speakers and work across government and industry to learn new ideas and techniques.

ELC 2015 will focus on new technologies and service-delivery models that now allow us to meet and exceed mission challenges with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Among the topics that we will examine is; NS2020 and the evolving strategy for the next generation of telecommunications and information technology (IT) infrastructure services; Market Intelligence and the challenge to expand the focus of engagement with industry away from simply focusing on requirements definition done on a transactional basis, to a more strategic view that is relationship oriented will also be discussed; and FITARA, now that it is law, how this legislation may be interpreted, implemented, enforced, measured, and affect government acquisitions.

K3 Solutions will be in attendance to provide leadership through our role as the Chair of the Emerging Technologies Shared Interest Group and will be serving as an industry table host for the CXO Town Hall. For more information, visit the event web site (ELC 2015).