September 9, 2011 – K3 successfully validates California Court Case

K3 Solutions was selected to perform an independent code quality assessment of the California Court Case Management System (CCMS). CCMS is an innovative project designed to link all trial courts and provide better service to the courts and the public. K3 presented the findings to the Judicial Council of California and found that the CCMS architecture has a solid foundation and can adapt to meet the needs of multiple courts. The reviews also found that testing of CCMS has been well planned and comprehensive.

“The CCMS development phase, with some minor exceptions, is now largely complete,” said Court of Appeal Justice Terence L. Bruiniers, head of the CCMS Executive Governance Committee. “We anticipate that the committee will be able to present options to the Judicial Council for deploying CCMS to the trial courts, within existing budget constraints, at the council’s October meeting.” K3’s final report “Independent CCMS Code Quality Review” will be forwarded to the Legislature and to Bureau of State Audits, and both have been publicly posted on the California Courts web site. The reviews represent the final step in the $315.5 million, nine-year development of CCMS. CCMS is a statewide initiative to develop and deploy a unified case management system for all 58 superior courts. CCMS will reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, and give Californians an unprecedented level of access to their courts. CCMS will connect the courts with city, county, and state justice partners. Examples of local justice partners include police, sheriff, and child and family services departments