Microservices Architecture

Microservices are an important tool when building modern technology solutions for large enterprises. Using microservices allows solutions teams to quickly create and integrate new aspects of a product without breaking or impeding others. It also means that any aspect of a product is lightweight and able to be adapted for any use case.

K3 utilizes Microservices Architecture to build solutions for our clients that best fit their exact needs. K3’s experienced advisory team assesses existing systems and identifies potential areas that could benefit from the decentralized approach that Microservices offers. Our team will analyze current and future projects and recommend changes in processes that will allow developers to scale their efforts and increase flexibility with the project’s goals. Combining agile practices with Microservices leads to products that are:

  • Flexible – By creating Microservices that interact with each other, rather than a monolithic service, solutions are better able to adapt to changing user behaviors.
  • Robust – With traditional monolithic architecture, an issue can affect the entire code. By utilizing Microservices Architecture, coding issues can be isolated and dealt with quickly without affecting the entire organization.